2003 - 2006 Sorento

Air Lift Company Air Suspension Systems for Kia Sorento

4 Wheel Online is proud to offer Air Lift Company Suspensions for your Kia Sorento. Choose the best styles of Air Lift Air Suspensions, and multiple ways to regulate your Air Lift Air Suspension system. Now you can get the best of both worlds for your Kia Sorento — a smooth ride and plenty of backbone to haul the heaviest loads with the Air Lift Air Bag Suspension Kit.

You can now tow and haul your Kia Sorento heavy loads with increased safety and comfort with Air Lift Adjustable Air Springs.

LoadLifter 5000™
Handle Your Heaviest Loads with Increased Safety and Ride Comfort

Fits most 3/4 and 1 ton pickups and Class A, B and C motorhomes.

Delivers More Stability, Safety and Ride Comfort

Fits many 1/2 ton and mini pickups, SUVs and vans with leaf springs.

AirLift 1000™
Adjustable Load Support for Coil Sprung Vehicles—Front or Rear

Fits most coil sprung suspensions, front or rear.

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Use the chart below to select the on-board control system that best suits your needs, Click the name of a controller for more info.

NOTE: Four Air Spring Requires Two Compressor Systems

XX = Best Choice

X = Good Choice

What Type Of Car Are You Driving Wireless Air™ SmartAir™ Load Controller II™ Load Controller I™ Quick Shot™
Single Dual Single Dual Single Dual Single Dual
Pickup with any Towable xx x - x - x - x x
Pickup with truck camper xx - - - x - x - x
VAN/SUV/CUV or Towing or Heavy Load xx x - x - x - - -
Car with rear coil air springs xx - - x - x - - -
Motorhome with rear air springs xx - x - x - x x x
All Others xx x - x - x - - -

NOTE: Four Air Spring Requires Two Compressor Systems

XX = Best Choice

X = Good Choice

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Airlift Suspensions : Features

Best-in-class customer service department
The most comprehensive warranty plus an exclusive 60 day guarantee
Over 300 applications that require no frame drilling
98% order fill rate—the highest in the industry
The fastest to market with applications for new model tow vehicles
The most innovative, easy to use on-board air compressor systems.
New applications and better products constantly under development


Standard limited lifetime air spring warranty featuring no mileage restriction!

Only Air Lift's Lifetime Warranty Covers the Entire Contents of the Air Spring Kit.

Air Lift 1000, RideControl, LoadLifter 5000 and AirCell air springs systems will be free from defects in workmanship or materials for the lifetime of the vehicle of original installation. Yes, absolutely free from defects because Air Lift Company gives Lifetime Warranty for these products. This does not include installation or other service charges for replacement.


No-risk ride satisfaction guarantee exclusively from Air Lift.

Air Lift Guarantees Your Satisfaction or Your Money Back!

Ride on Air Lift's air springs for 60 days. We guarantee you'll be happy with the improvement in road comfort and load handling. If you're not satisfied, you may remove the products and return to your dealer for a full refund of your purchase price within the first 60 days after your purchase.