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AirDog Diesel

- Huge Sale! We have attractive discounts on Fuel/Air Separator Systems 25% Off & Free Shipping. In just more than 20 years in the business, AirDog as a Supplier and Manufacturer of Fuel Air Separator Systems and High Performance Lift Pumps, have already improved their products for almost every diesel engine models including commercial trucking, pick-up trucks, military, agriculture, and mining. This high quality pump and filtration system intended exclusively for diesel engines is the most successful technology to separate water, particulates, vapor and entrained air from diesel fuel to Increase Fuel Economy, Power and Performance.


- Recently, Airdog have launched a new Fuel Preporator model for Class 8 trucks and a new Factory Replacement Raptor Pump (FRRP). These ground-breaking product lines have prolonged the potential of their company and will surely offer the customers a wide range of quality diesel products.


AirDog Fuel Benefits:

  • Remove air, water, particulates and vapor from fuel to maintain optimal fuel flow and fuel delivery.

  • Improve fuel economy and reduce exhaust emissions.

  • Improve diesel engine performance and boost horsepower.

  • Increase or extend transfer pump life (class 8 only).

  • Improve throttle response

  • American made, quality driven products.

AirDog Product Demonstration