AirDog Diesel
Class 8 Trucks

Fuel Preporator® II for Class 8 Trucks features Demand Flow Technology and an Adjustable Regulator that enables you to perfertly tune your fuel system for increased fuel economy, power, and performance! The Fuel Preporator® II can eradicate your problems with your engines by Increasing Horsepower, Increasing Torque, Increasing Throttle Response, Saving money at pumps and saving money by increasing the life of injectors and transfer pumps.

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Transportation and distribution system across the nation have been powered by the important fleets that uses Class 8 Semi Trucks, including Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Volvo, Cummins, and International Semi Trucks. Cost of Class 8 truck operations can weigh down both these companies and the nation’s economy. Class 8 diesel engines have long been known to loose power and increase fuel consumption as the fuel plugs with use or at higher engine RPM’s, or when working at higher altitudes and especially when air is present in the fuel supply to the engine. These circumstances also cause unnecessary exhaust emissions. More than that, these problems cause untimely wear on engine gears such as injectors and transfer pumps.

Fuel Preporator®II Fuel Air Separation System for Class 8 trucks triumph over all of these problems by contributing fuel at the required NET POSITIVE PRESSURE HEAD to the engine’s transfer pump after filtering. More significantly, the Fuel Preporator®II takes apart and eliminates the entrained air from the fuel supply to the engine for: Maximum Fuel Efficiency, Peak Performance, and Reduced Exhaust Emissions!