SnowSport HD
Utility Snow Plow
7' Blade


  • Extruded anodized 6063-T6 aluminum blade<
  • Low profile plow 7 feet wide x 18 inches height x 3 inches thick
  • Heavy duty 1 inch rubber cutting edge
  • Plow hooks into 2 inch receiver hitch
  • Blade weight approx. 120 lbs.
  • Shipping weight 225 lbs. (inc receiver hitch)
  • Also mounts to rear receiver hitch


Snowsport fits most late model pickups and sport utilities vehicles, is light enough for compacts and easily maneuvers over landscaped and uneven terrain. The adjustable blade model allows snow to be pushed to the left, right or straight ahead. The direction of the blade can be easily changed in a matter of seconds. Not only does Snowsport fit most late model pickups and sport utilities it can also be used on Mini Vans or any other vehicle with a 2" receiver hitch.

Snowsport HD plow kits come with a 2 inch receiver hitch, click here to purchase additional hitches to enable your snowsport to be used with multiple vehicles!

SnowSport Snow Plow FAQ:

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Is a front receiver hitch needed?
How difficult is it to install the hitch and plow?
Can I install the SnowSport Plow myself?
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How do you switch from transporting to plowing?
How can the SnowSport Plow operate without hydraulics?
How well does the rubber cutting edge and box ends hold up?
What is the warranty?
Can I move the SnowSport from one vehicle to another?
Is the SnowSport available for my vehicle?
How much does the plow weigh?

snowsport hd snow plows for most late model trucks and suvs are on sale now with free shipping