A Guide to Fab Fours Bumpers

Fab Fours Inc. is the leading manufacturer of Truck bumpers and Jeep bumpers and accessories. The company uses the best 3D design capabilities to make high quality materials. Quality bumpers are important assets for you as a truck owner. Depending on your needs, bumpers can serve as brush protection, as well as a tow or winch mount or light-mount location. In order to meet your needs, Fab Fours has designed various bumpers.
dodge truck with frot bumper bar

Ranch Hand Legend Front Bumper

Ranch Hand Legend Front Bumper from the Fab Fours is one of the toughest products on the market. The bumper is manufactured from 4 inches schedule and 40-pipe, diamond plate steel, making it strong and durable.

Also, the grille guard is made of 12-gauge tubing providing excellent protection to your truck’s headlight. The bumper can match the design and model of any vehicle. The bumper is equipped with a 2-inch receiver and most of the available applications retain the tow hooks and factory fog lights. This bumper is a valuable addition to your vehicle when racing down the highway.
dodge truck with frot bumper bar different angle

Tundra Replacement Winch Bumper

Tundra Replacement Winch Bumper from the Fab Fours is available for vehicle models manufactured in the year 2007-2008. It is designed with Fab Fours’ signature light housing, making them unique and stylish. This bumper includes Hella turn indicators, Hella lights as well as 1-inch D-ring mounts hence easy to install.

It can comfortably accommodate up to 9,500-pound winch. The bumper is also designed to be tight and high, allowing it to be closer to the stock bumper envelope while ensuring excellent tire clearance. The bumper is constructed using 3/16-inch steel and designed with 1-3/4x0.120-inch-wall DOM tubing making it strong and durable. It features a two-stage epoxy based black/primer semi-gloss finish giving it a unique and classy look.
Chevy truck with front bumper bar

Fab Fours Black Steel Elite Bumper

Protect the front-end of your truck with Fab Fours Black Steel Elite Bumpers. Fab Fours designed this type of bumper by combining the Ranch Hand Legend Front Bumper design and the smooth plate from Fab Fours premium line. The bumper has no grill mess and features a premium powder coat finish that makes it to have a unique and stylish look.

Just like any other Fab Fours bumpers, Black Steel Elite Bumper is matched to the body contours of every truck model. It has an optional bolt-on winch mount that can accommodate up to 16,500 LB winches. It also has light mounts that you can easily mount factory fog lights. The kit includes full replacement bumper, full grill guard and pre-runner. The bumper’s applications retain the tow hooks.

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