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ATX has built a reputation of constructing quality and stylish racing wheels. The company ensures that all its wheels are race proven. It has professionals that ensure that the wheels are durable, unique and classy. The company uses quality materials and state-of art design to produce quality wheels with various designs and finishes.

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ATX Series Wheels At the Top
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You can enhance the excitement and length of your spring camping adventure by equipping your off-road vehicle with the latest from ATX Series Wheels. Backed by American Racing Wheels, these rims are designed with durability in mind to enhance any vehicle's off-roading performance. According to the pros, these wheels are designed to go further, longer, and deeper into the wild. CLICK HERE to see the latest line of ATX Wheels.
Four ATX Wheel Series That Produce Off Road Champions
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ATX’s pent up passion for off road racing is what steers its business. The company’ wheels are a top choice for off road racers in championships like the King of the Hammers, TORC and Lucas Oil. In addition to this ATX sponsors its champions in these races. Loren Healy a well known off road racer won the 2014 King of the Hammers most recently using a set of ATX wheels fitted with Nitto tires.

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Racing has rapidly grown from an outdoor activity with friends to an extremely competitive sport among individuals and teams. Having the proper Racing gear does not just include your tires, helmet and other performance devices, but it also includes wheels. ATX Wheels are highly sought after by professionals and amateurs for their style and durability. ATX Wheels are made from one piece aluminum painted chrome or Teflon. Top rated high quality and stylish makes ATX Wheel the best in the industry. Browse through our complete line of ATX Wheels and see what great deals we have. We have the Lowest Prices and Free Shipping.


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