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ATX Wheels has taken the market by a storm. ATX Wheels Now 40% OFF and FREE Shipping. With their prestigious reputation for delivering the superior wheels, American Racing has again increased what we have grown to expect from a set of wheels. Specially designed for off-road trucks, ATX Rims have been strenuously tested by the American Racing ATX Dirt Team, which encounters some of the most extreme terrains and obstacles. Some of the courses they have participated in is the SCORE Baja 1000 and the CORR racing series. With the high demands of professionals performing at their optimal levels, ATX Rims are used by many and is even the official wheel for SCORE International and the Green Kawasaki Team. Want the same durable wheels as the professionals, than you need ATX Wheels. ATX Rims will take your truck to the next level!

Racing has rapidly grown from an outdoor activity with friends to an extremely competitive sport among individuals and teams. Having the proper Racing gear does not just include your tires, helmet and other performance devices, but it also includes wheels. ATX Wheels are highly sought after by professionals and amateurs for their style and durability. ATX Wheels are made from one piece aluminum painted chrome or Teflon. Top rated high quality and stylish makes ATX Wheel the best in the industry. Browse through our complete line of ATX Wheels and see what great deals we have. We have the Lowest Prices and Free Shipping

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