ATLAS Exhaust

ATLAS Exhaust by AFE

Now 40% Off + Ships Free. ATLAS Exhaust is a new concept in exhaust newly introduced by AFE Power. The ATLAS brand of exhausts are designed for extreme conditions. The new ATLAS exhaust is design with engineered precision to perform in the most extreme conditions. These systems are built with precision, and with mandrel bent 4” aluminized steel tubing for maximum flow, increased horsepower, increased torque and lower EGT’s.

The ATLAS exhaust features a 2-piece tailpipe and bayonet style hangers provide a hassle-free installation. To provide a leak-free seal, OE style band clamps are used that offer a 360º sealing area vs. cheap U-bolt clamps used in other systems. In addition, ATLAS exhaust has a 12" free-flowing straight-through designed muffler is used to produce a deep, powerful sound.

The ATLAS exhaust systems are available in 4” turbo back or 4” down pipe back with or without muffler. These are the exhaust systems that are the perfect combination of performance, fit and value. Get one now and experience the only exhaust systems that can stand out.

Installation is a Snap:
ATLAS exhaust systems utilize a 2-piece tailpipe design for a perfect fit by allowing adjustability at the tailpipe section. All systems use factory mounting locations providing stability and hassle-free installation.

Leak-Free Seal:
High quality OE style band clamps are used for a complete 360º sealing surface.Standard U-bolt clamps used by other systems only seal at the bottom and top of the tube allowing leak paths.

Aggressive Sound:
A free-flowing 12" wide muffler is used to absorb high pitch tones producing a powerful sound and unleashing all available horsepower and torque out of your rig.

Perfect Fit:
OE style bayonet hangers are used to maintain a stable pipe location during high vibration and high heat conditions. The Bayonet tip holds the hanger bushing in place for an OE style fit that does not change with time.

Flow and Performance:
ATLAS exhaust systems are constructed of precision, mandrel bent 4" aluminized steel tubing for maximum flow. Smooth transition bends allow for low turbulence, increasing horsepower, torque and lowering EGT’s. .