ARB Roof Racks

Steel Roof Racks

Steel Roof Racks

ARB roof racks are engineered to support the full rated load capacity of a vehicle, with the mounting system and structural integrity of the rack being designed to withstand the most demanding of conditions. ARB cargo roof racks utilize round steel construction for maximum strength and aerodynamics and are available in a variety of lengths and widths, for vehicles with or without gutters, so you can choose the appropriate size to suit your requirements. The roof rack and mounting system are sold separately, allowing ARB cargo roof racks to be fitted to custom applications.

Exclusive to ARB roof racks, a unique wind deflection panel is integrated into the front of each unit, thereby reducing interior noise considerably when driving at highway speeds. Conveniently spaced crossbars support the roof rack¹s contents, or you can opt for the additional, fully welded, steel mesh floor.

ARB's unique mounting system is much more than just a means of attaching the roof rack to your 4x4. To ensure proper load distribution, a full-length, PVC protected galvanized support channel evenly distributes the weight along the full length of the vehicle gutter, while molded rubber clamp pads eliminate metal to metal contact under the gutters. Installation and removal of your ARB cargo roof rack is quite simple, thanks to this practical & clever mounting system.

ARB roof racks are shot blasted and precoated in a zinc-rich primer, while the mounting legs are zinc plated. Both are then coated in ARB's own millennium grey polyester powder coat, before baking in a 200 C oven. These processes have been tested to 1000 hours of salt spray resistance, which easily exceeds industry standards.

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Alloy Roof Racks

Alloy Roof Racks

The new ARB Alloy Roof Rack is a great alternative to the heavier steel roof racks.

ARB's Alloy roof racks are ideal for customers who wish to remove and refit their racks between trips. Made from 6000 Series T4 Alloy aluminum, the new cages feature high strength construction using a combination of TIG and the acclaimed CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) revolutionary welding process.

Manufactured with special Amplimesh, an aluminum mesh that is used in security installations around the world, and finished off with a high quality millennium grey powder coat finish, this rack is sure to offer years of performance and styling.


  • 40% lighter than ARB's steel racks, aluminium alloy racks feature a strong, durable and aerodynamic design
  • Ability to easily remove and refit as required
  • Uses the same durable mounting kit as the steel roof rack designs
  • Rated to carry 330lbs / 150kg (subject to vehicle manufacturers maximum load rating)
  • Features an Amplimesh alloy mesh floor
  • Finished in a millennium grey powder coat for superior appearance and durability
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Fittings Kits

Roof Rack Fitting Kits

Roof racks are not available for all vehicle makes and models, please check ARB's website for the most current application guide.

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Roof Rack Accessories

With the addition of an ARB Roof Rack to your vehicle, you can choose from a number of options to make this item even more versatile and suited to your carrying requirements.

Jack/Shovel Holder For ARB Roof Rack
  - ARB-K6202
Price: $171.65
Sale Price: $120.16

Roof Rack Double Jerry Can Holder
  - ARB-3500390
Price: $182.00
Sale Price: $172.90

ARB Double Jerry Can Holder is suitable to hold any two water or fuel containers and can be fitted to any ARB roof rack.
Roof Rack Wind Deflector 44"
  - ARB-3700320
Price: $110.00
Sale Price: $104.50

Roof Rack Wind Deflector 49"
  - ARB-3700310
Price: $110.00
Sale Price: $104.50

Universal Awning Bracket
  - ARB-3700200
Price: $79.00
Sale Price: $75.05
For mounting any ARB awning