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Amp Research On Sale Now Save $25 to $150. Amp Research designs and manufactures popular products for the automotive industry such as the AMP Powerstep, BedStep and BedXTender. AMP is an American research and development company whose products are intended to improve our lifestyle and the functionality of our cars, light trucks and SUVs.

The AMP Research PowerStep is an electric powered runningboard which activates when the vehicle door is opened. When the door is closed the PowerStep simply retracts out of site underneath the vehicle. This is a well made USA product using extruded aluminum with a durable powdercoat finish and complete weather proofing. In addition all PowerSteps feature LED Lights for safety and ease of use. The Amp PowerStep can be installed in a few hours, and to make installation even easier, look for the Plug and Play PowerSteps, these allow you to plug directly into the OBD-II port.

We really like the AMP Research BedXTender. They are extremely versatile and available in three different styles. The BedXTender is simple to install, simple to use and really increases the capacity of your truck bed. They are all very light weight yet strong, made from aircraft grade aluminum.

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The PowerSteps are for those who want more than a safe exit and entry into their vehicles. These running boards have the retractable feature that allows them to fold below the vehicle when the vehicle is closed. This is one of their main selling points as it provides better ground clearance when off roading. They are designed for the serious off roaders who want better performance and gas mileage. Read More...
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Upgrading the exterior of your truck involves a lot of accessories that may be very expensive. For those who want to add style and functionality to their cars, these products are designed to make it easier for you to carry extra cargo, access your truck’s cabs and truck bed regions. With these products, you can get more work done in a very short time. Read More...
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This is a company that is responsible for manufacturing original electric automated running board. The powerstep instantly extends when you open your SUV or Truck door and hides itself when you close the door for enhanced ground clearance, appearance and aerodynamics. It’s all weathered performance, reliability and uniqueness gives it an upper edge on the market.

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We appreciate and respect that AMP is made in the USA. We are proud to be a Premier Dealer for AMP Research products. We offer customer support seven days a week and support our customers even after the sale. We encourage you to call if you have any questions. You can also visit AMP Research.