AFE Replacement Air Filters -

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  • Pliable progressive polyurethane seal
  • 100% polyurethane construction
  • Deepest pleats in the industry
  • Minimal wicking
  • Factory pre-oiled with non-surfactant containing refined oil
  • Washable/reusable cotton gauze media
  • Tight seal without gaskets or sealants.
  • Withstands extreme engine temperatures for extended-service live
  • Improved airflow, filtration, and dust-holding capacity
  • Larger filtration area for more airflow


Each aFe OE high performance air filter is engineered to be washable and reusable, has greater flow over stock, resulting in increased H.P. and torque, better throttle response and ensure a lifetime of use. They are constructed with engineering grade polyurethane to withstand chemicals and heat while staying pliable yet firm. All flat panel filters utilize an integrated bump seal to ensure an airtight seal, but conform to uneven surfaces, requiring no gaskets or sealers. The rounded open pleat construction increases airflow while increasing dust holding capacity. Tall pleats allow for increased airflow and increased surface area that translates to longer service life.
  • Will not damage sensitive electronic sensors
  • aFe's best bargain for for value conscious buyers.
  • Typical increases of 15 Horsepower and 34 ft/lbs Torque.
  • Noticeable improvement in engine sound.
  • Improved airflow (up 122% over stock) for better performance.
  • Velocity stacks streamline intake air for better acceleration.
  • One-piece heat shield reduces engine heat transfer to intake air.
  • S1 designates sealed airbox construction for pure cold air intake.
  • Durable and corrosion resistant 16 gauge.
AFE filters pro 5R diagram
    PRO-5R Features
  • Primary Concern: Performance
  • Largest HP and TQ Gains
  • Primarily for Street Driving
  • 100% Polyurethane for Long Life
AFE filters Pro Dry S diagram
    PRO-Dry S Features
  • Primary Concern: Convenience
  • High Airflow with Oil-Free Ease
  • For Street/Dusty Driving
  • Better Filtration Efficiency
AFE filters Pro Guard 7 diagram
    PRO-Guard 7 Features
  • Primary Concern: Protection
  • Rigid Design for Heavy Duty Use
  • For Diesel/Off-Road
  • Best Available Filtration

Flow & Filtration
Pleated depth loading media with large surface area provides high flow, high dirt capacity and high filtration efficiency.


Progressive Seal
100% polyurethane construction withstands extreme temperature and extends service life. Also the seal does not require to sealing grease or supplemental seals.


Even pleat spacing and generous radii allow for more flow over stock paper filters.


Keep your filter working it's best by maintaining your filter with aFe's line of filter restore kits. (Not required for Pro Dry S)