AFE Replacement Air Filters

aFe Direct Fit OE Replacement Air Filters replaces the restrictive factory paper filter and lets your engine breathe better. Paper filters do a good job in keeping dirt out but can get clogged easily so that it needs to be replaced frequently. Foam filters also clog easily. The Advanced flow engineering is made from cotton gauze filter that allows more airflow and is washable and reusable.

aFe Direct Fit OE Replacement Air Filters are available as round, flat, oval and conical shapes. With our filters, a vehicle's engine can breathe a lot better. The material used is 100% engineering-grade polyurethane which is more flexible and will seal better in today's plastic and fiberglass factory air boxes. To make sure that our filters stand up over the life of your vehicle, we have urethane on all four sides of the filter, not just on the open ends. The polyurethane stands up to high engine temperatures and engine chemicals better that the plastomers that the factory filters use.

To address the need for extra protection from dust and dirt with washable/reusable oil-impregnated cotton gauze filters, aFe developed a new filtration technology so revolutionary that it received a patent. This new filtration technology is aptly called Pro-GUARD 7. Pro-Guard 7 Air Filter has 5 layers of progressively finer mesh medical grade cotton gauze with micro fibers that attract smaller and smaller particles as air passes through is combined with 2 layers of random-porosity non-woven synthetic polyester fabric.

This 7-layer combination of cotton gauze and non-woven polyester is sandwiched between 2 layers of epoxy coated aluminum wire mesh. Because of compression ignition of diesel engines, tolerance are much tighter than in a gasoline spark ignition engine. These tight tolerances require clean air and lots of it. Diesel engine require 7 times more air than a gasoline engine of equivalent size. The patented Pro-GUARD 7 filter media delivers more cool clean air needed for extended engine life, better fuel conomy and additional power.

Every aFe OE high performance air filter is engineered to be washable and reusable, has greater flow over stock, resulting in increased H.P. and torque, better throttle response and ensure a lifetime of use. They are constructed with engineering grade polyurethane to withstand chemicals and heat while staying pliable yet firm. All flat panel filters utilize an integrated bump seal to ensure an airtight seal, but conform to uneven surfaces, requiring no gaskets or sealers. The rounded open pleat construction increases airflow while increasing dust holding capacity. Tall pleats allow for increased airflow and increased surface area that translates to longer service life.

Filter Media 5 layer progressive cotton gauze 2 layer dry synthetic 7 layer progressive cotton gauze
Oil Required Yes No Yes
Seal Engineering grade polyurethane Engineering grade polyurethane Engineering grade polyurethane
Maintenance Cleaning & Reoiling Cleaning Cleaning & Reoiling
Warranty Limited lifetime Limited lifetime Limited lifetime

Features and Benefits

Flow & Filtration
Pleated depth loading media with large surface area provides high flow, high dirt capacity and high filtration efficiency.

Progressive Seal
100% polyurethane construction withstands extreme temperature and extends service life. Also the seal does not require to sealing grease or supplemental seals.

Even pleat spacing and generous radii allow for more flow over stock paper filters.

Keep your filter working it's best by maintaining your filter with aFe's line of filter restore kits. (Not required for Pro Dry S)