AFE Fuel Filters

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  • Multiple directional vanes (MDV Technology) smooth and direct airflow for minimal pressure loss and maximum CFM gains.
  • 2 pre-tapped ports and 3 untapped port pads on back-side provide easy and clean gauge installation and other auxiliary input options.
  • Innovative internal bolt pads (arrow) provide unobstructed airflow and improved volumetric efficiency.
  • Top view indicate rounded air path and broader profile that results in better flow dynamics.


afe Fuel Filters seem like such an easily forgettable part—that is until someone's own truck struggling to get a ride raging at highway speeds due to a clogged up fuel injection system. When this happens, it is time for replacement fuel filter to keep the vehicle running factory fresh. Replace each fuel filter with one made by a company that understands the special needs of vehicles with diesel engines; aFe.

While the aFe Pro Guard D2 fluid filter is available for most Dodge Cummins, Ford Power Stroke, and GM Duramax diesel trucks, gasoline-powered light-duty trucks also benefit from the line’s advanced engine protection with fuel filters featuring the same Diesel-Duty media and construction. Specifically designed for today’s diesel fuels, the aFe ProGuard D2 Fuel Filter sports high pressure construction achieving up to 99 percent efficiency. Clean engines require clean fuel. When maintaining every vehicle, insist on the best. Demand aFe Fuel Filters, ProGuard D2 oil, fuel, and transmission filters.

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