AFE Exhaust Systems

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aFe Exhausts are Now 40% Off and Ship Free!

AFE Exhaust 40% Off Plus Free Shipping! aFe Exhausts are designed to move air from the engine to the rear of your vehicle - With Great Efficiency and minimal resistance. With the use of smooth bends from advanced mandrel tube benders the air flow moves smooth in the pipes with little to no turbulence. aFe Exhausts are not alone in air flow design, aFe mufflers also feature high flow technology. The end result of a aFe exhaust is more Power and Performance.

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AFE Stainless Steel Exhausts
AFE Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems are available for most performance oriented cars truck and SUVs. They are constructed of T409 stainless steel, which is the industry standard material found in all OEM and most aftermarket exhausts. AFE Stainless Steel Exhausts are designed and manufactured in the USA and install easily to OEM attachment points. Comes with highly polished double wall tips! Expect a 10-15% increase in horsepower and a major reduction in weight compared to stock!
AFE Large Bore HD Exhaust
AFE Large Bore HD Exhaust Systems are designed to add more flow to diesel engines in the most extreme performance situations. Choose Large Bore HD to maximize flow for increased horsepower and torque, lower EGTs and true race-inspired tone. 4" mandrel bent systems with polished double wall tip!
Takeda Exhaust System
Takeda is a sub-brand of AFE that focuses on compact import car performance. Takeda Exhausts are available for cars like Honda Civic Si and Scion. Takeda exhausts feature polished double wall tips and free flow mufflers designed to absorb annoying high pitched sounds for a deep full tone that you will love! Made in USA.
    aFe Exhaust Features
  • Improve fuel mileage.
  • Easy installation.
  • Delivers great sound with a smooth and deep tone.
  • Maximum flow increase through its high-flow mufflers.
  • Providing performance gains in horsepower and torque.
  • Available in Polished Stainless Steel and Aluminized Steel.
  • 100% mandrel bent tubing and fewer restrictive bends to ensure a smooth flow.

AFE Exhaust delivers premium performance and stunning appeal. Upgrades come in different manners including interior, exterior, sound, performance, and much more. With an AFE Exhaust System, you will be setting new standards. Optimizing performance on you truck will give you a unique edge. AFE will give your truck more horsepower and torque without jeopardizing curve appeal. Want more out of your truck? Than rely on an AFE Exhaust System to give you the best driving experience on the road. Every AFE product is constructed with the finest and most durable materials that will exceed your expectations. Get rid of your boring stock exhaust system and get the best on the market, AFE. We offer all our AFE Exhaust System at the Lowest prices and select product lines have Free Shipping - When you Shop Big, you Save Big!

Upgrading to an AFE exhaust system can offer a variety of advantages, including the all important increase in available horsepower and torque that probably brought the AFE name to anyones mind in the first place. The more efficient engineering of the AFE exhaust system, which features a 100% mandrel bent tubing and fewer restrictive bends to ensure a smooth flow, in addition to making more power available to every vehicle, also can improve fuel mileage, because it is not so much adding power to a performance vehicle as it is helping each vehicle to use the power it already has more efficiently, freeing the power that used to be consumed by a more inefficient exhaust system to be used in other ways. The typical aluminized steel AFE exhaust system requires no difficult procedures, such as welding, for installation and comes with adjustable hangers that help make the installation process that much easier.

Features and Benefits

Bayonet hangers
Swaged bayonet ends lock your exhaust component into place for the most secure installation possible. Other manufacturers use less expensive bent hangers that allow tubes and parts to slide from side to side, causing premature wear and damage.

Welded-on hangers
Every hanger is thoroughly welded on each side to ensure a stronger connection, compared to other manufacturers who use only inferior floating hangers.

Band style clamps
Premium-quality band clamps are used on critical joints to provide the tightest, leak-free seal possible. Other systems use common, less expensive U-bolt clamps.

Mandrel bent
All aFe tubing is 100% mandrel-bent. Mandrel bending ensures the tubing maintains its shape and size, providing smooth, unrestricted airflow. Standard tubing can lose as much as 20% of its diameter in sharp bends.

Most OE manufacturers offer a restrictive 3½" exhaust system which is fine for normal every day city or highway driving. But with diesel truck expected for towing or work capabilities, anyone want more power to go up that grade towing a boat, trailer or tools. Getting the air in will give more power. Getting the air out will give more power. When getting more air in and out at the same time, it will get a lot more power. With the 4" exhaust systems are mandrel bent aluminized steel which eliminates the sharp bends and kinks that the factory stock exhaust systems have. The aluminized steel resists corrosion as well as stainless steel but is priced more economically.

Don't neglect the exhaust. It may seem trivial, but the exhaust cycle is one quarter of the entire engine cycle, so any improvements that can make, such as installing our aFe Exhaust System, can really give a lot more power simply through an improved design and maximum exhaust performance.