AFE Pre-Filters for Dodge

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  • Multiple directional vanes (MDV Technology) smooth and direct airflow for minimal pressure loss and maximum CFM gains.
  • 2 pre-tapped ports and 3 untapped port pads on back-side provide easy and clean gauge installation and other auxiliary input options.
  • Innovative internal bolt pads (arrow) provide unobstructed airflow and improved volumetric efficiency.
  • Top view indicate rounded air path and broader profile that results in better flow dynamics.


aFe Pre-Filters for Dodge extend the service intervals of aFe filters when operated in extemely dusty conditions. Constructed from rugged cleanable polyester. aFe Magnum Force Air Intake Pre-Filters are run dry and are cleaned with aFe filter cleaner. aFe Pre-Filters effectively stop small dust particles and add minimal restriction. They slip over filters easily and are retained with elastic double-stitch.