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aFe 40% Off Plus Free Shipping. 4 Wheel Online offers the Largest Selection of aFe Truck and Car products for gas and diesel engines. We off aFe Power products at the Lowest Price Guaranteed. aFe known as Advanced Flow Engineering, has significantly changed the aftermarket performance industry. aFe manufactures products for cars, trucks, and SUVs to improve horsepower and performance. aFe has top-notch engineers, mechanics, and specialists working together to develop optimum performance products for your vehicle.

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AFE Air Filters
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AFE Cold Air Intake Stage 2
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AFE Differential Covers
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AFE Exhaust Tips
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AFE Gaskets
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AFE Intercoolers
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AFE Power
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aFe Power BMW
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AFE Power Pulley
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AFE Scorcher Tuner
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Takeda Intakes
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AFE Articles and Reviews (3)
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The performance features of the aFe POWER products make it to the leader in the after-market performance with various exhaust systems lined up for 2015 Ford Diesel trucks with V8-6.7L engines. The aFe POWER performance exhausts enable your truck to have an aggressive and polished look. If you need performance air filters, cold air intakes, exhaust systems, fluid filters, intercoolers, programmers, intake manifolds, throttle body spacers and differential covers for your latest SUV or Truck model, then aFe Power have it for you.
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AFE Power has recently released a full line up of products that were engineered to help your engine breathe better while adding a considerable boost in power. In fact, all of their latest are easy to install and can increase gas mileage, too. CLICK HERE to learn how AFE’s new bolt-ons could add power to your ride.
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Weekend power project, Don’t waste your weekend, use it! We did and we got an extra 16hp and 25lbs/ft. of torque with just a couple of screwdrivers, a basic wrench set and an aFe Power throttle body spacer and air induction system. The whole project only took a couple of hours (we even stopped for coffee halfway through) and afterwards we were able to make the most of the weekend with what was now a much more powerful Jeep. Read all about it…

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Founded in April 1999, aFe comprises a team of engineers, machinists, production and sales people who each have years of experience in their respective positions and together work to come up with the best product on the market. aFe strives to set itself apart from the other vendors by offering the highest quality automotive products that will enhance the performance of their customers' vehicles, while being conscious of the environment and safeguarding the welfare of its employees.

aFe Air Filter

One way to enhance the air induction system is by equipping it with a reliable aFe Air Filter.The aFe Air Filter efficiently traps dirt by using a combination of cotton gauze material and dirt-trapping pleats. Not only is it able to catch more dirt, it also allows more air to enter. It gives a cleaner and continuous air flow, resulting in better engine performance every time driving a vehicle. To help this product do a good job, aFe had it pre-oiled to help it capture even the smallest particles. It's made from polyurethane material, enabling it to provide a tighter seal once installed in every engine's air box. This material also gives the air filter resistance against extreme temperature and chemical exposure. Finally, to make sure it fits perfectly, each aFe Air Filter is given a custom-fit design. Hence, it'll assured that the product will match the vehicle's year, make, and model. Remember, clean air equals better engine performance. So if anyone want to ensure that the air that enters each vehicle is free from dirt, have an aFe Air Filter installed today. With its help, every vehicle gets clean air at all times. So place an order here and experience the maximum engine performance.

aFe Diesel

aFe Diesel is the only way to improve your trucks overall performance and value. aFe Diesel offers products form Cold Air Intake Systems, Air Filters, Exhaust Systems, Manifolds, Intercoolers, and Much More. Diesel engines are made to be durable and are put to the test with towing and pulling on regular bases. aFe Diesel is increasing the diesel standards and creating extreme power, additional torque and saving you money in the mist of doing so. aFe Diesel is putting heavy back into heavy duty! Take your truck to the next level with power, performance, and torque. See what aFe Diesel can transform your truck into!

aFe Performance

aFe Performance products are primarily designed to maximize power and increase the longevity of your vehicle. 4 Wheel Online offer a comprehensive line of aFe products that will deliver results. aFe Performance is promoting engines to run more efficient and effectively. aFe Performance is increasing competition standards and best of all, 4 Wheel Online offers aFe at the LOWEST PRICES. Check out our supply of aFe Performance Products Today!

aFe Power

aFe Power allows cleaner and more air intake which in turn delivers superior performance, horsepower and gas mileage. Throughout the years, aFe has designed, developed, tested, and produced outstanding air intakes and filters. However, aFe Power has went beyond the traditional intakes and also produces quality products like throttle body spacers, exhaust, differential covers, manifolds, and much more. aFe Power is continuing to break the mold in the aftermarket industry. If you're looking to standout amongst a crowd, count on aFe Power! aFe products provide enhanced performance with more horsepower and torque that you can really feel when you step on the pedal. Installing aFe intake and exhaust components enhances the sound of anyvehicle, from reduced intake whistling to a throaty growling exhaust tone. aFe performance add-ons can even help you get better gas mileage as fuel is combusted more effectively. aFe performance products are designed to increase both the life of the vehicle and performance experience, get yours today at the Lowest Price Anywhere! aFe constantly releases new products, from exhausts and air intakes to throttle body spacers and high flow filters. Be sure to check below an see what's new from aFe for your vehicle!

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