AEM Air Intake

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AEM Air Intakes

AEM is the leader in aftermarket performance parts and accessories including AEM Air Intake Systems, Filters, Brake Pads, and much more. AEM mission is to engineer performance products that will out power, out perform, and change the expectation of the aftermarket industry. AEM is dedicated to combine technology and performance together to create a product that is incomparable. AEM engineers are steadily designing, developing, testing, and producing cutting-edge products that will set new standards in the performance industry. Rely on AEM to boost YOUR vehicle to the next level!

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AEM Air Intakes

AEM DC Sport Car Parts: AEM has the finest and highest-quality parts for sports car. AEM provides everything from gauges, data loggers, air intakes, filters, amplifiers, and much more. With AEM parts you can rely on optimal performance that will out due your competitors any day. Look no farther than AEM for all your performance parts needs.

AEM Engine Management: AEM Plug & Play Engine Management will connect directly into your factory ECU harness and allows the user to customize the car’s configurations. You will be able to adjust, and tune virtually any combination of engine controls like the ignition timing to boost performance, accurately adjust fuel intake, auxiliary devices, and much more. AEM Engine Management will enhance performance and allow you to control parameters under the hood.

AEM Brake Pads: Replace your old, worn out, factory brake pads with top of the line pads from AEM. AEM Brake Pads are specially designed for high performance braking and will outlast competitor’s pads. AEM uses a unique ceramic-Kevlar fiber compound to enhance the coefficient of friction that reduces the time it takes to stop and resist fading. AEM Brake Pads are bond to outperform other pads by a long stretch.

AEM High Volume Fuel: AEM High Volume Fuel Rails support high-horsepower engines. Having adequate and constant fuel pressure is extremely important because this will eliminate excessive pulsations in the fuel rail and promote even fuel flow. Even fuel flow will increase performance and allow the fuel injectors work more efficient and effective giving your vehicle more horsepower and torque.

AEM Air Induction: AEM Air Induction will increase the air flow in turn will increase your engines power, and decrease fuel consumption. AEM Air Induction will save you hundreds of dollars in gas and maintenance while enhancing the overall performance.

AEM Universal Parts: AEM engineers are constantly designing, developing and testing new parts that produce horsepower and torque while giving you top performance. You will find that AEM parts under most muscle and racing car hoods.

EM Brute Force: The NEW AEM Brute Force is available in gas or diesel muscle cars, trucks and SUVs. Brute Force creates more horsepower and torque than other competitor’s Intake Systems. AEM Brute Force will give you power and the ultimate driving experience.

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