AEM Individual Parts

AEM products are constantly put to the test by the industry’s leading automotive publications, including Motor Trend, Modified, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, Race Pages, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, Truckin’, Off Road, Sport Truck, Car & Driver, Road & Track, Turbo, Sport Compact Car, Super Street, 4Wheel Drive & Sport Utility, 4Wheel & Off Road, Temple of VTEC and more. The reports of these independent tests prove repeatedly that AEM, DC Sports and BRUTE FORCE performance products consistently outclass the competition... and obviously the main reasons why you will find them under the hoods of most of the best racing teams, as well as the industry experts nationwide.

Every AEM product
is tested against the industry competitors, and
guarantee their performance for the life of your vehicle.

AEM's mission is clear. They engineer products that outperform the competition, and produce pilot designs that overturn the industry. AEM accomplishes this through a stern commitment to thorough research and development and leading-edge manufacturing processes. AEM invests heavily in these processes, and take great steps to control every aspect. It’s how AEM spent the last 19 years building its reputation and it is how it will go forward to maintain its status as an industry leader for the coming years and decades.