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AEM AEM BRUTE FORCE intakes are designed for popular trucks, SUVs and musclecars. AEM Brute Force intakes are dyno-tested to create more torque and horsepower than any other intake for large displacement engines. At AEM, mechanical engineers emphasize tuning the resonance properties of the inlet pipe to help carry more air to the intake valves. AEM BRUTE FORCE uses aluminum piping for this, because plastic absorbs some of the sound energy AEM manipulates to create power, and mild steel is heavy and can rust. AEM routes their plumbing so that the AEM BRUTE FORCE filter draws air from the safest and coolest location, and provide a carbon-black powdercoated steel heat shield to shroud the filter from engine heat and road dirt. AEM BRUTE FORCE emphasize maximum flow without sacrificing low-end torque, and offers the best performance air filter available in the DRYFLOW Synthetic filter. Every AEM BRUTE FORCE intake made is submitted to C.A.R.B. for 50-state exemption, and AEM guarantees them for life. \\

What does the AEM soft mount do and how important is it?

What does the AEM soft mount do and how important is it?What does the AEM soft mount do and how important is it?

The majority of AEM Brute Force air intake system designs mount to a vehicle in two locations. One AEM Brute Force mounting location is to the engine at the throttle body and the “cold” or filter end of the inlet pipe mounts to the body of the car. The movement of the engine on the engine mounts allows it to rock inside the engine bay, so we compensate for engine motion by using a soft mount that provides a flexible link for the inlet pipe between the engine and the body of the car. If you do not install the AEM Brute Force soft mount properly the inlet tube may break at the bracket weld and void the warranty on the intake system. AEM Brute Force instructions provide a detailed diagram of proper installation of the soft mount, and are viewable from the search results page for each application.

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