4 Super Swamper Tires That Tear Down Off-road Obstacles

There is a reason why Super Swamper tires are used by off road racers for racing championships. They have the most reliable traction and are designed for quick acceleration. Their high acceleration capability is made possible by the shape of the tire especially across the treads. The tire is streamlined to cut through the surface it is riding on with shaper angles. But to maintain the tire’s stability while doing this, Super Swamper tires are designed with state of the art tread pattern that incorporate deep and irregularly shaped lugs that are aligned into a directional pattern. Four Super Swamper tires illustrate this design approach excellently.
classic chevy with super swamper tire

Super Swamper LTB

The Super Swamper LTB is made with a combination of features that define an ultra performance off road tire. These include a large curved sidewall that gives provides maximum resistance against obstacles hence preventing puncturing. The sidewall is curved to give the tire better cornering ability. The other feature that gives the Super Swamper LTB is it tread pattern which contains large offset lugs that enable it to cut through mud with greater ease. So if you are looking for a tire that can win races while staying the course, the LTB is the tire for that.
black chevy with super swamper tire

Super Swamper SSR

Super Swamper SSR tires are built with a wider tread area and an offset mid rib. The deep offset mid rib is able to chisel through road obstacles since it is lined with a zig zag pattern of tread blocks on either side. The shoulder blocks are in a lateral position hence adding to the traction benefits of the tire. The perpendicular design does not end on the surface of the SSR tire but continues beneath the rubber. Since it is made with radial technology, the Super Swamper SSR has a meshword of cord plies placed within layers of rubber inside the tire that add to the tire’s strength.

Super Swamper Thornbird

As opposed to the other Super Swamper tires discussed, the Thornbird has a shaper shoulder block edge that is accompanied by a gradually curved sidewall. It is a tire built for maximum resistance against road elements. Its three stage lugs are designed to provide as much traction as is needed on a wet offroad trail. Due to the rigid structure of the Super Swamper Thornbird however, it is not recommended for highways but is the top option for off road travel.
Ford f-150 with super swamper tire

Super Swamper TSL/SX

The Super Swamper TSL rocks a rib-lug tread pattern that is compatible for both off road and highway driving. The pattern is simpler than what you can find in many other Super Swamper series but is just as aggressive to make it a great choice as a mud-bogger. With large lugs on both the shoulder and the mid section of the tire, there is no mud trail that the Super Swamper TSL cannot overcome.

By: Sean Bowes
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