3 Reasons to Roll N Lock Your Tonneau Cover

Roll N Lock build tonneau covers that are designed for optimal usage. While other tonneau cover manufactures create a large variety of designs which feature varying characteristics, Roll N Lock covers combine the best of all these features to create something that works for all – a roll and lock mechanism. It is a retractable cover that only needs to be pulled out from a runner and locked onto the truck (http://4wheelonline.com/) bed’s tailgate making it quick and easy to use. There are more reasons as to why using the Roll N Lock tonneau cover is a plus.
Roll n Lock has what you need to be safe out their

They Are Secure

A Roll N Lock tonneau cover is a highly secure cover. For whatever items you have on board, thieves will find it significantly difficult to break through the cover and pick anything. The first measure that was taken to ensure that Roll N Lock’s tonneau cover guarantees maximum security was fitting it with a tailgate locking system. It is also built with laminated vinyl covered aluminum. So we are talking about having a solid metal shield above your cargo. This not only keeps it save from burglars but from natural elements such as rain and dust. You can thus safely carry on with off road explorations knowing that your tonneau cover is doing its job even when the ride gets bumpy.
Roll n Lock has what you need to be safe out their

They Are Rugged

With a unique vinyl over aluminium laminated construction, the lifespan of this cover is guaranteed to be quite long. That’s because both of these materials are known to be durable due to their natural heat resistant and rigid properties. The laminated vinyl cover keeps a smooth appearance to the cover while the aluminum provides the needed resilience to destructive elements.
Roll n Lock has what you need to be safe out their

They Are Versatile

The tailgate locking system on Roll N Lock tonneau covers is not a rigid security option that works one way alone. It has multiple latching positions, allowing you latch the cover temporarily when you close or lock it completely when leaving the truck bed alone for a longer period. Its construction is also done to accommodate Roll N Lock’s cargo manager. The Cargo manager is a removable grilled partition that can be attached anywhere across the truck bed to divide it into two segments for separating cargo. Roll N Lock tonneau covers have a rail that provide a link for the cargo manager to attach to the truck bed thus delimiting your packing options.

By: James Langston
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