Elio Motors 3 Wheel Cars Will Be Hitting the Road in 2014

Today, consumers think of vehicles in a small, defined set of ideas. There are 2 wheel motorcycles; there are 4 wheel cars and trucks; then, there are those beastly trucks with 6, 8, or even more wheels. Now, Paul Elio of Elio Motors is the driving force behind one of the most innovative mainstream automotive projects that has come out in decades: 3 wheeled cars.

rollbakPicture courtesy of Elio Motors
Elio Motors? I Never Heard of Them

It’s no surprise that most people haven’t heard of Elio Motors because it originated only 5 years ago and has yet to release a vehicle. But, it has announced a June 2014 release date of their first project, an unnamed 3 wheel vehicle. The vehicle will be equipped with front and back seats that will be able to hold two people. So far, there have already been 1,000 deposits put down by consumers to purchase the vehicle.

Helping the American Economy

Elio Motors is a U.S. manufacturer that bought General Motor’s non-operating Shreveport, Louisiana manufacturing plant in January 2013. It’s estimated that there will be over 1,500 workers being employed there by the beginning of 2015. Lately, the automotive industry has been doing well inside of the United States with America’s oldest manufacturer, Ford, reaching a 29 month high in productivity on July 15th. The latest development coming from Paul Elio is sure to help spur this productivity even further by adding more competition and innovation.

schwarzeneggerPicture courtesy of Elio Motors
Are These 3 Wheel Cars For Real, Or Is This A Bunch of Hoopla About Nothing?

This is real. By this time next year, don’t be shocked when you see these 3 wheelers driving in the lane next to you. And thank God, they are going to be there. For years, gas prices have been shooting through the roof and very little has been done to battle this. However, Paul Elio couldn’t take it any longer and has been working on solving the problem for years.  

In a recent interview, Elias stated, “In 2008, oil prices were going through the roof. It was just really making me angry that so much money was pouring out of this country to people who don’t even like us so much. I guess I was complaining about it too much to my wife, so she finally told me I should do something about it. I went to work the next day and decided to kick the project off. Working with 46 engineers, we had the actual concept finished by 2009.”

rollbakPicture courtesy of Elio Motors
The still unnamed car has a three-cylinder, 70 hp engine with overhead cam and fuel injection. The engine will battle America’s rising gas prices by getting 84 miles per gallon! And if that isn’t enough, the vehicle has been given a five star crash rating and is available for only 6,800 dollars! Don’t worry, either. This car will still be able to easily reach 100 mph and be able to do everything that is synonymous with automotive prowess.

You may be wondering how this vehicle is being sold so cheaply. The answer is that Paul Elio is not looking to squeeze out every penny from this deal. He is just looking to give back to the country that has been so good to him.

By: Tim Snyder
Posted on August 26th, 2013
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