3 Characteristics to Keep in Mind About MBPR Exhausts

MBPR exhausts are made for all vehicles. They have exhausts for trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, ATVs and even Snowmobiles. Their working mission is to make performance exhausts that fit into everyone’s idea of good performance. This means that they are built to be able to handle large load capacities, to create a certain level of fuel efficiency, or produce a magnificent start up.
Mbrp exhaust is tip-top for trucks

Innovative Construction

An MBPR exhaust is more than just a straight shoot exhaust. It has organs which enable the desired performance level to be achieved. For example, the Ford Focus ST Ecoboost exhaust has a T409 stainless construction and features 11 essential parts which include a muffler, a resonator assembly, an over axle pipe , gasket, tail pipe and 2 piece exhaust tip.

The T409 stainless steel construction is also more durable since it does not produce the golden shade that is characteristic in T304 stainless steel exhausts when they are exposed to high heat levels. This therefore means that at high speeds such as those used on highways cruises, an MBPR Ecoboost exhaust is likely to survive years of exposure to hot fumes released at such velocities.
Mbrp exhaust is tip-top for trucks

Size Matters

MBPR exhausts are built in 4 inch and 5 inch pipe diameters. Some of them also come with a down pipe that measure 3.5 inches. This is an additional feature that is made specifically for vehicles that have models that use 3.5 inch fitment. This is, of course, with an exception of the models with the 7.3 litre power stroke diesel outlet, which requires a 4 inch wide tail pipe.
Mbrp exhaust is tip-top for trucks

MBPR tail pipes, however, measure 2.5 inches for Cool Dual systems and 3.5 inches for single systems. This industry specific size range on MBPR exhausts parts ensure that no welding or further customization is needed for you to get your MBPR exhaust working.
Mbrp exhaust is tip-top for trucks

About the Tip

The exhaust tips on MBPR exhausts are dual walled angled tips. They are all built with T304 stainless steel except the Black series which is made of aluminized steel hence its tip has a black coated finish instead. This is easy to contrast from the T304 exhaust tip which has a chrome sheen on it. With dual walls they can suppress great heat levels and thus maintain their chic color. The only exhausts in the MBPR series that does not come with an exhaust top is the 5 inch diesel performance exhaust line and PLM systems as well as exhaust with a turn down tail.

By: Jon Aragon
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