Bushwacker the #1 for Choice in Fender Flares

international harvester

The International Harvester Scout - dear God
it was ugly!

45 years ago there wasn’t a lot of choice to be had if you wanted an SUV. You had the Jeep CJ-5 (extremely basic levels of equipment and trim), the International Harvester Scout (you had to be blind to want one of those, see picture, right), or the Ford Bronco. Of course you chose the Bronco, but it was fair to say its looks did leave something to be desired (although it was nowhere near as awful to behold as the Scout).

Sensing that people wanted their Bronco’s to look the part, Bushwacker developed the first fender flare for Ford’s mighty off-roader and with it the Bushwacker legend was born.

45 Years of Bushwacker

In the fickle world of aftermarket truck styling and accessories few brands have been around as long as Bushwacker. For over 45 years the Oregon-based company has led the way in designing fender flares for pickups and Jeeps and it remains a prime innovator in the industry.

bushwacker f flares

Bushwacker’s Pocket Style fender flares
make this 2009 Silverado look sensational

By constantly evolving its design details and manufacturing processes, Bushwacker has developed 5 ranges of fender flares. Each fender flare is painstakingly designed to accurately fit the body panels of the vehicle model it is intended for. Many make use of existing bodywork holes to make installation quick and simple, and each comes complete with Bushwacker’s limited lifetime warranty and exemplary customer service.

Bushwacker’s 5 Unique Fender Flare Styles

• Street Style – Bushwacker’s low profile fender flares (on average 0.75”) designed to add visual impact to stock tire/wheel packages.

• OE Style – Retaining the factory appearance but adding approx. 1.75” of flare, the OE range offers additional coverage to a vehicle.

• Extend-A-Fender – Offers a ‘limited edition’ look at a fraction of the price while adding 2” of extra flare coverage for bigger wheels/tires.

• Pocket Style – Adds a bold 2.5” ‘pocket flare’ look without the need for cutting/drilling.

• Cut-Out – Creates space for the largest tire/wheel combos with a generous 3.75” flare that really looks the part.

Continuing to Innovate

bushwacker bronco

Where it all began 45 years ago: Bushwacker
making fender flares for the iconic Ford Bronco

Not content to settle for past glories, Bushwacker continue to innovate and develop new ideas for the future. It has introduced eco-friendly production methods including recycling of materials and production processes generating minimal waste and environmental impact. However, there is one thing Bushwacker won’t be changing anytime soon – all of its fender flares are still made right here in the USA.The Bronco might have finally ceased production in 1996 after 30 great years, but Bushwacker is still going strong and showing no signs of letting up just yet. All Bushwacker products are available at 4WheelOnline.

By John Bone

Posted on October 2nd, 2013
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